Africa Divided According to the Extent of Its Principall Parts in Which Are Distinguished One from the Other the Empires, Monarchies, Kingdoms, States, and Peoples…


Rare 1680 map of Africa with manuscript notations dated to 1696.

Cartographer(s): William Berry
Date: 1680
Place: London
Dimensions: 88.2 x 56.7 cm (34.7 x 22.3 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Rare map of Africa with manuscript notes in the margin dated to 1696.

This gorgeous map was created by William Berry based on Alexis-Hubert Jaillot’s 1674 map of the continent of Africa, which itself was based on Sanson’s second map of Africa (1668).

The map presents the standard depiction of the source of the Nile based on Ptolemy. However, Jaillot introduced a new depiction of the rivers south of the Ptolemaic lakes. The Zambeze River appears above the Zambere and Rio de Spiritu Santo, all of which flow into the Indian Ocean.

A large section of South America is shown and two St. Helena islands appear – a common error in maps from this period.

The large distance scale cartouche has five scales (in contrast with Jaillot’s map, which has 6 scales). The decorative title cartouche, also copied from Jaillot, includes a tumult of figures, cornucopias, an elephant, crocodile, lion and ostrich, although Berry changed the coat of arms to that of the Royal Arms.


William Berry

William Berry was a bookseller, geographer, and engraver, active between about 1670 and 1703. Berry did not issue standard atlases, but rather issued his maps in untitled collections. As such, few examples of his collections have survived, and his maps are exceedingly rare.

Condition Description

Two sheets joined, as issued. Light soiling with paper watermarked "W" and a short repair in bottom right corner that has been professionally repaired. There is an old manuscript notation in left blank margin, and the margins have been professionally extended to accommodate framing.


Betz #124; Norwich #47; Shirley (BL Atlases) T.BERR-1a #35.