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Excellent Imray nautical chart showing Cape Cod, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and the Gulf of St. Lawerence.

Place/Date: London / 1890
Title: Coast of North America between the Strait of Belle Island to Cape Cod
188 x 104 cm (74 x 41 in)
Condition Rating


Stunning condition.

This is a large and detailed ‘blue-backed’ sea chart that maps an area including the coasts Cape Cod (and Boston Harbor), Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. It is roughly centered on the Gulf of St. Lawerence, and follows the St. Lawerence River down to Quebec. It was published by the firm of James Imray & Son, one of the best and most prolific of nautical chart makers in the 19th century.

The chart features a variety of detailed insets of bays, straights, and harbors. They include: Ellis Bay, Seal Island, Cape Sable, Gaspe Bay, Gut of Conso, Seven Islands Bay, Pictou Harbor, Trepassey Bay, the southwest coast of Newfoundland, Red Bay, St. Lumaire Bay, the Straight of Belle Island, Port Basque, Cod-Roy, Harbour Grace, Chateau Bay, St. Pierre, Trepasses, Bird Rocks, Halifax Harbour, St. John’s, Sydney Harbour, and Conception Bay.


James Imray & Son

James Imray (May 16, 1803 – November 15, 1870) was a Scottish chartmaker and publisher whose firm produced an extensive list of so-called ‘blue-backed charts’ and pilot books. His son, James Frederick Imray, joined the firm in 1854, at which time it became known as James Imray & Son, which continued to publish charts after its founder’s death.

Condition Description

The best condition we have ever seen for an Imray sea chart; minor wear.


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