Carte Du Golphe Du Mexique Et Des Isles Antilles Reduite de la grande carte Angloise de Popple, Par PH. Buache…1780.


Fine and scarce 18th century map of the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the West Indies.

Date: 1780
Place: Paris
Dimensions: 36 x 20 inches
Condition Rating: VG+

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Drawing on a cartographic lineage that traces back to Henry Popple’s map of 1733 (one of the most important American maps of the 18th century), this is Dezauche’s scarce map of the Gulf Coast and West Indies, with parts.

Dezauche has updated Buache’s 1740 map of the region, with improvements especially in the mapping of Florida and Texas.

The large, folio-sized format allows the cartographer to include fine detail, including forts, missions, and villages, as well as important maritime information, including: winds, currents, sand banks, and the historical routes of Spanish galleons in the Gulf of Mexico.

Excellent, bright image and original color.


Jean André DezauchePhilippe Buache

Philippe Buache (born La Neuville-au-Pont, 7 February 1700; died Paris, 24 January 1773) was a French geographer, known for inventing a new system of geography and popularizing this field.
Buache was trained under the geographer Guillaume Delisle, whose daughter he married, and whom he succeeded in the Académie des sciences in 1730.

Buache was nominated first geographer of the king in 1729. He established the division of the world by seas and river systems. He believed in a southern continent, an hypothesis which was confirmed by later discoveries. In 1754, he published an “Atlas physique.”

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