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Rare 17th century portolan-style chart designed for use aboard Portuguese merchant vessels.

Place/Date: Paris / ca. 1672
Title: Joao Teixeira Cosographo de sua Magestade
68.5 x 50.5 cm (27 x 19.9 in)
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An early issue of this rare and highly important map of the Indian Ocean prepared by royal cosmographer Joao Teixeira, who was a well-known and respected Portuguese chart maker. He produced this wonderful sea chart for use aboard Portuguese merchant vessels; the chart reflects the knowledge the Portuguese had of the lucrative nautical routes between the Cape of Good Hope, Arabia, and Goa on the west coast of India, the contemporary key link to trading in the Spice Islands.

The chart has three inset plans of Mombassa, Mosambique, and Sofala, as well as a detailed chart of the island of Socotra – all important centers, the primary Portuguese trading points after rounding the Cape of Good Hope en route to India. The island of Madagascar and any number of small Indian Ocean islands are shown, together with the Maldives off the Indian coast.

In this early edition the regional names of MOGOL, Bassara, Suaquem, Melinde, etc are not yet filled in.


Melchisedec Thevenot

Melchisédech (or Melchisédec) Thévenot (c. 1620 – 1692) was a French author, scientist, traveler, cartographer, orientalist, inventor, and diplomat.

Condition Description

Folds as issued, two large repairs to long tears (20 cm) margins very slim, minor soiling. Overall in very good condition.


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