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Rare 1593 de Jode map of the Black and Caspian Seas, with the eastern Mediterranean and a prominent Cyprus

Place/Date: Antwerp / 1593
Title: Primae Partis Asiae accurata delineatio…
30 x 54 cm (11.8 x 21.3 in)
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De Jode’s rare map presenting the Black and Caspian Seas, the Mediterranean in the west, and Afghanistan and Central Asia in the East. Cyprus is prominently shown in the eastern Mediterranean.

De Jode was a competitor of Ortelius. His atlas Speculum Orbis Terrarum did not enjoy the same commercial success as Ortelius, despite many modern commentators alleging the superiority of many of De Jode’s efforts. Consequently, today his maps are very rare and highly desirable.

Verso text: Latin. Engraved by the van Deutecum brothers, based upon an earlier map by Gastaldi.


Cornelius de Jode

Cornelis de Jode (1568 – 1600) was a cartographer, engraver and publisher from Antwerp. He was the son of Gerard de Jode, also a cartographer.

When his father died in 1591, Cornelis de Jode took over the work on his father’s uncompleted atlas, which he eventually published in 1593 as Speculum Orbis Terrae.

After his death, the engraving plates were sold to J. B. Vrients (who also owned the Ortelius plates), and the complete work was not published again, in part to ensure the primacy of Ortelius productions.

Condition Description

Very good condition. Slightly reduced margins but still ample for framing. Very minor margin toning.


Al-Qasimi p. 31.

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