Mappa geographiae naturalis sive tabella synoptica / inventa et adornata à Matth. Seuttero. S. Caes. Maj. geogr. Aug.

Unusual and fascinating look at mapmaking in the 18th century

Cartographer(s): Matthäus Seutter
Date: 1730
Place: Augsburg
Dimensions: 56 x 49 cm (19 x 22 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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This is a rare cartographic curiosity designed to illustrate the map drawing process. It consists of an imaginary map with a variety of cultural, geographical, and physical features designed to instruct would-be cartographers in the mapmaker’s art. By creating an imaginary place, a broad range of cartographic characteristics is displayed, including port cities, universities, churches, post roads, rivers, mountains, peninsulas, islands, and more. A variety of fonts, text styles, and symbols demonstrate how to produce well-designed labels. Text is given in both Latin and German.

A large, decorative cartouche – left black and white in the usual Seutter style – features an angel tracing on a globe, alongside natural elements. A lovely, colored compass rose, sailing ships, and sea monsters fill the seas. A pictorial legend labels the map features in German and Latin.

Because this map is not found in the standard Seutter works, it is quite scarce.


Matthäus Seutter

Matthäus Seutter (1678-1757) was one of the most important and prolific German map publishers of the 18th century.

Condition Description

Some soiling and creasing; short bottom margin.


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