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1590 Ortelius including Islandia, Maris Pacifici, and many more.

Place/Date: Antwerp / 1590
Title: Additamentum IV. Theatri Orbis Terrarum
46 x 31 cm (18.1 x 12.2 in)
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Folio; 1 title page and 22 maps (including 8 for the Theatrum and 14 for the Parergon). Beautiful contemporary Flemish cover: full leather dry-imprinted with a large rose motif surmounted by a noble medallion, surrounded by an internal band and a large woven floral exterior border.

Gold title in the spine.

UNIQUE EDITION. An extremely rare publication. The individually published Additamenta were always marketed in very small numbers, almost like editorial proofs to establish a new set of maps. Ortelius would then insert these maps into the next edition of his Theatrum. This fourth Additamentum is certainly the most interesting in terms of content, which includes: the travels and life of Abraham, the ancient world, Tunisia and Libya, Abruzzo, Brandenburg, British Isles (2 sheets), Brescia, the Black Sea, Gallia, ancient Germany, ancient Spain, Ischia, Iceland, Gallic Italy, the Kingdom of Israel, Lotharingia, Braunschweig and Nuremberg, Maris Pacifici (the first map devoted to the Pacific Ocean), Pannonia and Illyria, Tempe (Mount Olympus), and Thrace.

A true treasure.


Abraham Ortelius

Abraham Ortelius was a cartographer and geographer, conventionally recognized as the creator of the first modern atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World). He was one of the most notable figures of the Dutch school of cartography during its golden age (approximately 1570s–1670s).

Condition Description

Excellent condition; some wear to the cover and scattered spots throughout. Maps are gorgeous with clear, dark impressions.


Koeman III, Ort 25.

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