Sketch J No. 12 Reconnaissance of the Western Coast of the United States from Monterey to the Columbia River in three sheets Sheet No. 1


Coast Survey chart of the Pacific Coast from Monterey to Mendocino with inset profile of the Golden Gate

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This is an attractive 1851 U.S. Coast Survey chart of the California Coast. It covers from Monterey Bay north to Cape Mendocino and includes San Francisco Bay. This chart is the first sheet of three, which together chart the entire western coast of the United States from Monterey Bay north as far as the Columbia River.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this chart are the three coastal views including ‘View of the Entrance to San Francisco Bay,’ ‘View of Pt. Pinos,’ and the ’View of Cape Mendocino.’Copious notes and sailing instructions in the upper right hand quadrant of the map are an interesting read for the nautically inclined.

The chart was prepared and under the supervision of A. D. Bache, one of the most important and influential superintendents of the U.S. Coast Survey in the 19th century. Published in the 1851 edition of the Superintendent’s Report.