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Du Val's charming 1663 miniature Island of California

Place/Date: Paris / 1663
Title: Nouveau Mexique
12.2 x 9.9 cm (4.8 x 3.9 in)
Old color
Condition Rating


The island of California is the main focus of this charming miniature map.

The map is filled with place names including the mysterious seven cities of Cibola. The R. de Nort (Rio Grande) originates from a large Lac de Conibas and incorrectly flows into the Mer Vermeille.

The map is based on Sanson’s Audience de Guadalajara (1657) with the addition of the Destroit d’Anien above the island and several unnamed, north-south, mountain ranges on the mainland.

This is the second state with new nomenclature added in California and Nouvelle Espagne added at lower right. Pierre Du Val was Nicolas Sanson’s nephew and pupil. He published a wide range of atlases and individual maps including a fine miniature world geography with many of the maps based on Sanson.


Pierre du Val

Pierre Duval (1618–1683) was a French geographer. He was the nephew and pupil of the famous Nicolas Sanson. Encouraged by Louis XIV to move to Paris, he later became Geographe Ordinaire du Roy.

Condition Description

Faint toning along the centerfold.


Burden #353; McLaughlin #30; King (2nd ed) pp. 132-135; Pastoureau, Duval XI Fa.

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