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Baker's 1855 Mining Region map - one of the finest California Gold Region maps ever produced.

Place/Date: Sacramento / 1855
Title: Map of the Mining Region of California 1855. Drawn and Compiled by Geo. H. Baker
26.5 x 22 cm (10.7 x 8.7 in)
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Important map of the California Gold Region, from Monterey and Tulare counties in the south, to Klamath and Siskiyou in the north, with a portion of Nevada (called Utah) in the east.

A “Table of Distances from the Capital Sacramento City” gives distance figures to principal towns; at center-right right is a table of “Population of California 300,000,” which gives the populations of various towns and cities, with San Francisco leading at 50,000.

In his summary of California Gold Region maps for 1855, Wheat notes that this year is marked by the appearance of a new mapmaker, George H. Baker, who by this time had already made a name for himself producing woodblock prints of mining towns. Like so many of his contemporaries, Baker came to San Francisco in the wave of Gold Rush immigration. Born in Boston, he was a student at the National Academy of Design when gold was discovered; by May, 1849 he was already in San Francisco.

This map was lithographed by Fishbourne in San Francisco.

The 1st sheet of what was a 4-page lettersheet.


Condition Description

A few expert repairs to small marginal chips, still fine or nearly so, with custom half-morocco & cloth folder.


Baird, California Pictorial Lettersheets, 145a; Wheat, Maps of the California Gold Region, 273; Wheat Transmississippi 821; Wheat, 25 Significant Maps.

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