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1541 Ptolemaic map of Central Asia

Place/Date: Vienne / 1545
Title: [Title on Verso] Tabula Septima Asiae Complectitur Margianam, Bactrianam, Sogdianam, Sacas, & Scythiam, Intra Imaum Montem
Woodblock printing
45.8 x 28.2 cm (18 x 11.1 in)
Hand color
Condition Rating


This fine woodblock map covers Central Asia east of the Caspian Sea and what is now Turkestan, the Steppes, Afghanistan and beyond. The Himalayas run across the bottom of the map in the typical rope-like formation.

This edition was printed by Gaspar Treschel and edited by Michael Villanovus (known as Servetus). Servetus was charged with heresy by John Calvin in 1553, in part due to the text in this atlas. The courts found him guilty and sentenced him to burning at the stake, atop a pyre of his own books, including this atlas.


Laurent Fries

Laurent Fries (ca. 1485-1532) was a French physician and mathematician born in Mulhouse. His Geographia a Ptolemaic atlas based on his work with the famous Martin Waldseemüller, achieved great success, being published first in 1522, and reissued in 1525, 1535, and 1541.

Condition Description

A clean and bright example on paper with a bunch of grapes watermark, one small worm hole along the centerfold, and old manuscript notations in the image.


Mickwitz & Miekkavaara #211-21.

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