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English edition of the Mercator-Hondius map of Carribean islands, including an inset of Havana

Place/Date: Amsterdam / 1636
Title: Cuba Insula [with] Hispaniola Insula [with] Insula Jamaica [with] Ins. S. Ioannis [with] I.S. Margareta Cum Confiniis
58.5 x 51 cm (23 x 20 in)
Hand color
Condition Rating


This map shows Cuba with an inset of Havana, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), St. John’s (Puerto Rico), Jamaica and Isla Margarita (belonging to Venezuela), with various decorative cartouches and sea monsters and ships.

The English text on the verso describes the Spanish Tyranny in the islands, as well as the topography, climate, and local flora and fauna. As with Ortelius, the English edition is rare, with separate sheets seldom seen on the market.

Condition Description

Large repaired tear on the right side, noticeable on the verso, but with minimal effect on the map image itself. Small hole adjacent, likewise in the margin.


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