San Antonio Creek California


1857 United States Coast Survey map of old San Antonio Creek watershed and Oakland

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United States Coast Survey chart showing depths in the San Francisco Bay, the cities of Oakland and Brooklyn, and the road to San Jose.

San Antonio Creek is, these days, more commonly called Oakland Estuary, or just the Oakland Inner Harbor. The northeast shore of Alameda also drains into San Antonio Creek. But, because Alameda is built on a sand dune, the soil is so porous that there were never any creeks in Alameda. The historic portions of West Oakland are also built on a dune and were devoid of creeks.

The triangulation for this chart was accomplished by R. D. Cutts. The topography is the work A. F. Rodgers. The Hydrography was completed by a party under the command of James Alden. The entire work was produced in 1857 under the direction of A. D. Bache, superintendent of the United States Coast Survey.