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Lovely 1574 Ortelius map of England and Wales with elaborate cartouche.

Place/Date: Antwerp / 1574
Title: Angliae Regni Florentissimi Nova Descriptio, Auctore Humfredo Lhuyd Denbygiense
38 x 47 cm (15 x 18.5 in)
Hand color
Condition Rating


This is a beautiful map of England and Wales and a wide array of striking decorative elements, including: two strapwork cartouches, sailing ships, animals, a stiple-engraved sea, and lovely scripts.

The map has been dated using Van den Broecke as a guide — “1584L11 (750 copies printed) (last line, left aligned: Rogersius cognatus meus. Idem de Romanorum in Britannia imperio præ manibus habet.)”

Cartographic sources: Mercator’s 1564 wall map of the British Isles in 8 sheets and Lhuyd’s manuscript map of 1568, partly based on it (Meurer p. 197, 184-185, Karrow 56/16, 50/3.1, p. 387-388, 347-348).


Abraham Ortelius

Abraham Ortelius was a cartographer and geographer, conventionally recognized as the creator of the first modern atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World). He was one of the most notable figures of the Dutch school of cartography during its golden age (approximately 1570s–1670s).

Condition Description

Verso repair at lower central crease, mild soiling, very good, attractive.


Ort 19; 1584L11 (Koeman/Meurer: 55, Karrow: 1/79, van der Krogt AN: 5100:31A)

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