A superb bird’s-eye-view of Venice, finely-engraved and exceptionally adorned.

Cartographer(s): Giovanni Antonio de Paoli
Date: ca. 1600
Place: Rome
Dimensions: 51.7 x 39 cm (20.4 x 15.4 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Wonderful example of this rare bird’s-eye-view of Venice, with insets of Piazza San Marco and Ponte Rialto.

Edited in Rome, the plan follows the model started by Giacomo Franco and Bernardo Salvioni at the end of the sixteenth century, depicting the procession of the Doge of Venice below the city. A similar plan was created by Matteo Florimi in 1598, to which this work bears many similarities. De Paoli often reprinted works by other publishers, acquiring the plates after their deaths. This is likely a Roman version of the Salvioni plan, created for the local market, in competition with Venetian and Tuscan productions.


Giovanni Antonio de Paoli

Giovanni Antonio de Paoli was an editor and printer active in Rome between 1589 and 1630, where he had a print shop in Santa Maria della Pace. Historical sources show that he obtained publishing privileges from the Pope in 1599, 1605, and 1624.

Condition Description

Minor wear along the margins.


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