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Resources to Learn More About Maps

What really drives us is our interest in maps and our curiosity about the stories that lie behind them.

Neatline has developed our trademark descriptions, which are some of the most in-depth studies of individual maps that you will find on the market. Moreover, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, and making sure that our material and insight reaches far beyond our customers. We want the world to appreciate what maps tell us about ourselves.

Educators or dealers?

We invite you to explore some of our educational materials below: watch some our videos, surf through our cartographers index, or sit back and take the time to read some of the exciting descriptions we have provided for our best maps. Neatline’s trademark descriptions do not just describe, they elucidate the maps’ historical context and explain why they are important historical documents.

For educators who are interested in incorporating maps and cartography into their teaching, or who wish to learn more about how maps can be integrated as great educational tools, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always open to new and inspiring collaborations.

Neatline is headed to Miami!

24th ANNUAL MIAMI INTERNATIONAL MAP FAIR February 3-5, 2017 Friday, February 3 (Open to Full Access Weekend Registrants and Dealers […]

Neatline San Francisco

Neatline Antique Maps is proud to join a long history and community of map enthusiasts in San Francisco.  The success […]

1877 View of San Francisco

A detailed look at some of the features found on an 1877 bird’s-eye-view of San Francisco. Featured map: 1877 Philo […]

1541 world map by L. Fries

Topics include: the Mountains of the Moon, Greenland as a peninsula, and the ‘Dragon Tail’ model of the Malay Peninsula. […]


The “Legendary lost chart of Captain Cook.” Featured map: 1784 Roberts/Faden – Chart of the N. W. Coast of America […]


A quick look at an 1861 first-edition of Wackenreuder’s seminal map of San Francisco. Featured map: SOLD: 1861 Wackenreuder – […]

Ortelius Japan

A quick look at Ortelius’s map of Japan and the myth of Korea as an Island. Featured maps: SOLD: 1630 […]