Guiana sive Amazonum Regio


1631 W. Blaeu Amazon with large legendary Lake Parima and mythical Incan city of gold

Cartographer(s): Willem Blaeu
Date: 1631
Place: Amsterdam
Coloring: Hand color
Dimensions: 49.3 x 37.6 cm (19.4 x 14.8 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Blaeu’s beautiful map of Guiana covers the coastline from the Isla Margarita in the northwest to the coast of northern Brazil near Sao Luis east of the Amazon delta. At center lies a large inland sea, Parime Lacus; on its northwestern shore is the fabled city Manoa del Dorado, or the golden city of the Incas. The search for this city led many explorers, including Sir Walter Raleigh, on wild adventures through the jungles.

The map is beautifully decorated with three cartouches, ships engaged in a sea battle, a sea monster, and a fine compass rose.

Verso text: Latin.


Willem Blaeu

Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) founded one of history’s greatest cartographic publishing firms in 1599. This map is indicative of the duplication by the firms of Blaeu and Hondius/Jansson. In this case, Blaeu has copied a Janssonius map of 1637.

Condition Description

A fine impression with minor show-through of text on verso and a couple of short edge tears in the bottom blank margin that have been closed on verso with archival materials. Remnants of hinge tape on verso.


Van der Krogt (Vol. II) #9840:2.2.