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Stunning late 19th century map of Uruguay with large inset of Montevideo.

Place/Date: Montevideo / ca. 1884
Title: Mapa de la República Oriental del Uruguay
82.5 x 118 cm (32.5 x 46.5 in)
Hand color
Condition Rating


One of the most spectacular South American maps we have ever seen!

This is an exceptional, large-format map of Uruguay published in Montevideo in the late 19th century. It offers excellent detail on the infrastructure of the country at a time when the military was at the center of political power. Post roads, planned and completed railroads, and telegraph lines are all delineated, along with administrative centers and military fortifications.

The map features a series of well-designed insets, including a large, detailed town plan of Montevideo, as well as its bay. Other important ports are illustrated, with both town grids and depth soundings, including Colonia (del Sacramento), situated opposite Buenos Aires.

Two further insets focus on the topography of the country, with one in the upper right corner illustrating principal elevations for each region and another along the left side of the map displaying Uruguay’s main rivers and their respective lengths.


Condition Description

Very good. Backed on archival linen. Folding map.


Very good. Backed on archival linen. Folding map.

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