Excellent 1567 Lafreri view of Geneva.

Cartographer(s): Giulio Ballino, Paolo Forlani
Date: 1567
Place: Venice
Dimensions: 18 x 26 cm (7.1 x 10.2 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Splendid and rare Lafreri School town-plan of Geneva, Calvin’s paradise on earth, with lettered index. Bird’s-eye-view of the city with Lac Lausanne in the foreground and Geneva’s coat-of-arms prominently displayed.

Dated 1567, the view was engraved by Paolo Forlani, of the Lafreri school of mapmakers, first published in Il Primo Libro Delle Citta, Et Fortezze Principali Del Mondo; this is the second issue, from Giulio Ballino’s De’ Disegni Delle Piu Illustri Citta…, which was published by Zaltieri.

The so-called “Lafreri” school of mapmakers constituted a loose group of engravers and printers working in Venice and Rome in the middle of the sixteenth century who often bound together collections of maps and prints to form atlases. Lafreri had been one of the leading publishers whose catalogue of stock and renown for binding has given rise to the “Lafreri” attribution.


Giulio BallinoPaolo Forlani

Paolo Forlani was an Italian map publisher and engraver, based in Venice and especially active in the years 1560-1671.

Condition Description

Excellent condition. Heavy paper, strong print, clean image, wide margins. Verso centerfold reinforced with Japanese tissue paper. Italian text on verso. Some minor spots in outer margins.