Watson’s New Rail­ Road and Distance Map of the United States and Canada


Watson’s exquisite 1869 large-format railroad map with large engraving of a locomotive — one of the finest 19th century railroad maps.

Cartographer(s): Gaylord Watson
Date: 1869
Place: New York
Technique: Lithograph
Coloring: Old color
Dimensions: 127 x 93 cm (50 x 36.75 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Striking map of the U.S. as far west as Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. Engraved by Fisk & Russell, New York. The large title cartouche incorporates the locomotive “San Francisco.”

On each side is a long list of railroads with their mileage and cost of roads and equipment. At the top is a large inset depicting the routes of the Union Pacific Railroad. To the right are insets of the New York, Philadelphia, and Boston areas.


Gaylord Watson

Gaylord Watson (1833 – 1896) was an American map publisher and engraver based in New York City.

Condition Description

Excellent condition. Backed on archival linen.


Modelski, Andrew. Railroad maps of the United States, 52 (1871 edition); Rumsey 3436 (1871 edition); Phillips p. 920.