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Mitchell's 1834 seminal reference map of the United States in spectacular original color.

Place/Date: Philadelphia / 1834
Title: Mitchell’s Reference and Distance Map of the United States, by J. H. Young
129 x 166.5 cm (50.75 x 65.5 in)
Original color
Condition Rating


Beautiful, large, brilliantly-colored map of the United States extending from the Atlantic to the ninety-fifth meridian, with large inset of North America. Smaller insets feature northern Maine and southern Florida, and ten insets of the vicinities of cities: Albany, Baltimore and Washington, Cincinnati, Charleston, New Orleans, the Falls of Niagara, Rochester, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

Mitchell and Young published A New Map of the United States… in 1833, which they renamed a year later as the Reference and Distance Map, keeping the same view, decorative borders, and engravers. Both were sold at Mitchell & Hinnan in Philadelphia. The following year the names of Mitchell and Young were added to the map title itself.

There is a large pictorial title cartouche designed by W. Mason featuring an American eagle perched on a seashell boat with a coastal view in the background.

The decorative border is lined with silk edges.

Verso Text: Blank

Condition Description

The map is in excellent condition, mounted on linen and sectioned for folding. It maintains its original folder case, half leather and marbled, with some rubbing and scuffing.


Ristow, Walter W. American Maps and Mapmakers: Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1985; pp. 309-10.

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