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1863 Colton map of the Southwest with earliest Nevada-Arizona border

Place/Date: New York / 1863
Title: Colton’s Map of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico
66 x 40.6 cm (26 x 16 in)
Hand color
Condition Rating


Fine, early edition of G.W. & C.B. Colton’s map of the Southwest, showing the earliest Nevada-Utah Territorial Border shortly after the boundary line was shifted east from 116th meridian to the 115th meridian in 1862.

Nevada is truncated at the bottom, so that Las Vegas is in Arizona. Utah is wider than its final configuration. The boundary between Nevada and Utah would be moved to the 114th meridian in 1866.

While at first look the map appears similar to Johnson’s map of the same period, this one is vastly more detailed. There are many mining districts named and outlined in southern California. A number of early wagon roads are shown, with U.S. forts each marked with American flags. The routes surveyed by Emory, Simpson, Albert & Peck, Fremont, Gunnison, and others are shown, with years relevant to the survey.

The Emigrant’s Road, Fredonyer’s Trail and Pass, Pony Express and U.S. Mail Routes are shown.

Excellent topographical detail, which includes elevations. Many Indian tribes and other interesting places are noted, along with annotations.

Condition Description

Minor discoloration along centerfold; slightly uneven trim along top margin.


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