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Finely-engraved 1739 map of the Western Hemisphere with undiscovered Pacific Northwest

Place/Date: Paris / 1739
Title: Carte d’Amerique Dressee pour l’Usage du Roy…
58 x 46 cm (22.5 x 17.5 in)
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This map, first issued by Delisle in 1722, was one of the most popular maps of the 18th century. This is the fourth state published in Amsterdam by Covens & Mortier with the addition of a Latin title at top; America Accurate in Imperia, Regna, Status & Populos Divisa.

The detailed map of the Americas provides a great deal of information about the state of geographic knowledge in the New World in the early part of the century. In North America the western coast is blank above California.

The French territory of Louisiane takes up the lion’s share of North America at the expense of the British colonies. This political bias is due to Delisle’s position as geographer to the King of France. South America is much better represented with good depiction of the river systems and locations of the Jesuit missions.

According to Tooley, this 1739 issue is from a re-engraved plate which is basically unchanged from the 1722.

Condition Description

A truly unique example: trimmed to the neatline, sectioned, and laid on linen, allowing it to be folded up.


Tooley (Amer) p. 13, #4, plt. 2.

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