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1869 Imray sea chart stretching from Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia to western South America

Place/Date: London / 1869
Title: South Pacific
187 x 102 cm (73.6 x 40.2 in)
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Chart of Oceania which includes Australasia, some southeastern East India islands, the islands of the South Pacific principally and the western coast of South America. This large and canvas-backed chart shows the Great Circle tracks to Panama and Valparaiso which, at sea, provides the shortest sailing distance. Tonga, Samoa, New Hebrides have not yet been fully surveyed and are of uncertain longitude.

The chart includes 37 insets of major islands, harbors and ports, and is adorned with several compass roses. Relief is shown by soundings, hachures and spot heights.

Insets include: Auckland I., Point Hutt (Chatham Is.), Sketch of Omahena Harbr. (Society Isld.s), Chatham Islands, Port Ross, Port Waitangi (Chatham Isld.), Society Islands (scale not given), Norfolk Island, Uvea or Wallis Id., Futuna and Alofa, or Horne Islands, Singavi Bay, Scilly Island, Mopelia Isld., Erronan or Futuna Id., Sketch of Taloo & Avoitai Bays, Society Islds., Port Vavao (Tonga Islands), Harbour of Tonga Tabou (Tonga Islands), Sketch of Owharre Harbr. (Society Islds.), Tonga Islands [unsurveyed], Port Apia (Samoa Isles), Port Nukalau (Viti Levu), Fiji or Viti Islands, The Galapagos, Port Inyang (Aneiteum, New Hebrides), Sketch of Oopoa Bay (Society Islands), Northwest coast of Tahiti, Mas-a-fuera (unsurveyed), Marquesas, St. Felix and St. Ambrose, Cumberland Bay (Juan Fernandez), Juan Fernandez (unsurveyed), Port Tai-hoa (Marquesas), Vaitahua Bay (Marquesas), Controleur Bay (Marquesas), Tanuata Bay (Marquesas), Tai-o-hae Bay (Marquesas).


Condition Description

Very good condition for a working chart; map seller's ink stamp, slight creasing.


National Library of Australia #3779645

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