Anatomy of a Map: Gastaldi/Ramusio’s La Nuova Francia (Venice, 1556)

Our newest video takes a quick look at Gastaldi’s La Nuova Francia, one of the seminal maps in the history of New France, France’s early colonial claims in America. The map is filled with important cartographic details, depictions of life in the wilds of North America, fantasies, and myths. It is interesting to compare it …

1840 Brue map of Mexico and Texas

An examination of a French map of Mexico and Texas from the year 1840. Topics include the 1819 Adams-Onis Treaty, the Republic of Texas, and Franco-Mexican relations, including the Pastry War. Featured map: SOLD: 1840 Brué – Carte Nouvelle du Mexique du Texas et d’une Partie des Etats Limitrophes