1911 Clason Map Company city plan of Denver.

Map of Denver, CO.


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Cartographer(s): Clason Map Company
Date: 1911
Place: Denver
Dimensions: 56 x 53 cm (22 x 21 in)
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An appealing 1911 example of the Clason Map Company’s urban plan of its hometown of Denver, Colorado.

With a simple color scheme and clarity of design, the map is a fine representation of the city’s layout, particularly its grid-like street system, prominent in the downtown area and adjacent neighborhoods. We see well-established neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, Five Points, Highlands, and Cherry Creek, with a large inset at the lower right depicting the business district.

Given Denver’s importance as a railway hub in the early 20th century, it is no surprise that major rail lines and transportation hubs, notably Union Station, are prominently indicated. Other important landmarks of the period, such as the Colorado State Capitol, the Brown Palace Hotel, the Daniels & Fisher Tower, and the Denver Mint, are marked.

Sold together with Clason’s 1911 Guide to Denver.


Clason Map Company

The Clason Map Company, founded by George Samuel Clason in Denver, Colorado, in 1905, holds the distinction of being the first U.S. company to specialize in the publication of road maps and atlases tailored for automobile travel. Initially, the company provided maps for various purposes, but with the burgeoning rise of automobile use in the 1910s, Clason’s focus shifted towards producing road maps and atlases.

These publications became essential tools for the early 20th-century American motorist, capturing the spirit of exploration and the freedom of the open road. The company’s contributions paved the way for future road mapping initiatives and highlighted the growing significance of cars in American society.

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