A lovely map of California’s wine country from the year 2000.

MapEasy’s Guidemap to Napa & Sonoma.

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Cartographer(s): MapEasy
Date: 2000
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We really love the maps produced by MapEasy, Inc., and this colorful map of Napa and Sonoma counties is no exception. It is both attractive and comprehensive. Framed by a grapevine border, the map uses color shading to portray the region’s topography, including its picturesque valleys and rolling hills. Several towns and cities are labeled, including: Napa (the county seat), Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga, Sonoma, Santa Rosa (the county seat), Sebastopol, Healdsburg, and Rohnert Park.

Napa County, with the Napa River snaking its way through the heart of the region, is nestled between the Mayacamas Mountains to the west and the Vaca Mountains to the east. The valley’s fertile alluvial floor gradually rises to hilly and even mountainous terrains as one moves away from the river, creating a diverse set of microclimates suitable for a variety of grape types.

Sonoma County, on the other hand, boasts an even more diverse geographical profile. Its western edge is graced by the Pacific coastline, presenting rugged cliffs and beautiful beaches. Moving inland, the coastal hills give way to multiple valleys such as the Russian River Valley, known for its cool climate and fog influence. Further east, the landscape melds into a patchwork of vineyards, forests, and farmland, framed by the Mayacamas Mountains, which separate Sonoma from its neighbor, Napa. Numerous waterways, including the Russian River, thread through the county, enriching the land and providing vital water sources for agriculture.

The map shows the famous Silverado Trail, a scenic route that runs along the eastern edge of California’s Napa Valley. Stretching approximately 29 miles from Napa in the south to Calistoga in the north, this two-lane road meanders through rolling vineyards, offering breathtaking views of the Vaca Mountains and providing access to numerous renowned wineries and tasting rooms. Established in the mid-19th century during the Silver Rush, its history intertwines with that of the pioneers.

The Silverado Trail is the favored route for wine enthusiasts and cyclists seeking a more serene Napa experience. Renowned wineries like Robert Mondavi, Sterling, and Opus One in Napa, or Kendall-Jackson and Rodney Strong in Sonoma – just to name a few – are marked on the map.



MapEasy is a travel company and guide book publisher that began in 1990. It is based in New York state.

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