Fighting across Europe from Normandy to Czechoslovakia: VIII Corps World War II theatre of operations map.

VIII Corps In European Theater of Operations

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Date: May 9th 1945
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Superb map of the actions of VIII Corps, US Army, from 1943 to 1945. Maps such as this one were prepared for a host of American units after the victory over Germany. The present map is larger and more attractive than many of the other triumphal maps that we have seen. It was prepared by VIII Corps Office of the Engineer and 665th Engr. Topo. Co. on the 9th of May 1945.

The map, which stretches from Normandy to Czechoslovakia, lists the following battles:

•Normandy Campaign
•Battle of Brest
•Brittany Campaign
•Battle of the Bulge Phases I & II
•Battle of the Siegfried Line
•Defense of the Ardennes
•Assault Crossing of the Rhine
•Battle of Germany
•VIII Corps – Russian Linkup May 7, 1945

The U.S. VIII Corps was a unit of the United States Army that saw service during various times over a fifty-year period during the 20th century. The VIII Corps was organized 26–29 November 1918 in the Regular Army in France and demobilized on 20 April 1919. The VIII Corps was soon reactivated, being constituted in the Organized Reserves in 1921. It was allotted to the Regular Army in 1933 and activated on 14 October 1940 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The VIII Corps fought across Europe from Normandy to Czechoslovakia in World War II. After World War II, the corps was inactivated and reactivated several times, with the final inactivation occurring in 1968.


VIII Corps Office of the Engineer & 665th Engr. Topo. Co.

The 655th Engineer Topographic Battalion (655th ENG TOPO BN) was a technical support unit formed to provide surveying, drafting, and map production activities for the US Army during World War II.

With the beginning of the war in Europe, the U.S. realized that the existing European maps were inadequate for tactical purposes or use by artillery units, since existing map grids were inconsistent and did not match up between countries. The Engineer Topographic Battalion’s wartime mission was the development of accurate 4-color topographic maps created through timely survey work, drafting, printing, and distribution of military maps as required by the Allied Armed Forces of the United States. The Battalion was first formed in December, 1943 and deactivated in December, 1946.

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