Plano de Barcelona Especial para los Grandes Almacenes El Siglo

Cartographer(s): Grandes Almacenes El Siglo
Date: ca. 1931
Place: Barcelona
Dimensions: 90 x 63.5 cm (35.5 x 25 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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On the eve of civil war: a large and beautiful early 1930s city plan of Barcelona.


This a gorgeous and large city plan of Barcelona, published at a time of prosperity before the country descended into civil war. In many ways, the Barcelona represented on this map is the culmination of the urban renewal that the city experienced in the early 20th century. We see its long boulevards and coherent city blocks, with neighborhoods divided by color coding. This is Barcelona as a showcase for a distinctively Catalan form of art-nouveau, including, of course, the works of architect Antoni Gaudí.

Shortly before the publication of this map, the city and its arts and culture were celebrated at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. The bright optimism of this map belies the dark days just around the corner, and in just a few years, Spain would be plunged into civil war.


Grandes Almacenes El Siglo

The Grandes Almacenes El Siglo was a popular department store located on La Rambla de Barcelona. It operated from 1881 until 1932, when it was destroyed by a massive fire.

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