Nuevo Mapa de Europa Politico y Comercial Illustrado con los Tipos y Uniformes Militares de los Estados de Europa…


Cartographer(s): Gadola
Date: 1914
Place: Paris
Dimensions: 107 x 81 cm (42 x 32 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Decorative World War I map of Europe with military uniforms and up-to-date borders.


This wonderful, large-format folding map was published at the outset of World War I. Besides depicting the latest European borders, it is most notable for a series of finely-illustrated vignettes along the top and sides. The vignettes along the sides each show an officer and a soldier in military dress from different European countries. The poses and backgrounds are all different and each is executed with fine composition.

The series of vignettes along the top of the map focus on Spain, offering a detailed presentation of various ranks and uniforms. Interestingly, Spain remained neutral throughout the war.

Flags and population figures are displayed. An inset map at bottom depicts Egypt and the critically important Suez Canal.



Gadola was a geographic institute and publisher located at 57, Rue de Rennes, Paris.

Condition Description

Folding map on original linen. Minor wear and blemishes, including two spots at the lower folds.