Audience de Guadalajara nouveau Mexique, Californie. &c.

Excellent Sanson Island of California map.

Cartographer(s): Nicolas Sanson, Pierre Mariette
Date: 1667
Place: Paris
Dimensions: 20 x 23.6 cm (7.9 x 9.3 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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A finely engraved map of California and New Mexico. Prior to this map, all maps with California shown as an Island were either world maps, maps of the Western Hemisphere, North America, Pacific Ocean or some substantially larger geographical region.

First map to show the 2nd Sanson Model of insular California (two bays shown in Northernmost portion of the island). Nomenclature is a combination of Blaeu and Sanson. New Indian tribes named along the Rio Grande.

Published in an early edition of the small Sanson atlas L’Europe Dediée a Monseigneur . . . Le Tellier Secret. D’Estat &c. This atlas proved popular and the maps were imitated by Johann Zunners in Frankfurt (1679) and by Joannes Ribbius and François Halma (1682-1730s). The map offered here is the first plate with the address of Pierre Mariette, but with the date removed.

Engraved by A. Peyrounin.


Nicolas Sanson

Nicolas Sanson d’Abbeville (1600-67) was perhaps the greatest cartographer of 17th century France—a period of France’s political ascendancy in Europe, and also a period in which French cartographers displaced the Dutch as Europe’s leading map makers.

As a young man, he attracted the attention of Cardinal Richelieu and in time became Géographe Ordinaire du Roi for Louis XIII and Louis XIV, both of whom he personally instructed in geography. Under Louis XIII, Sanson was made a minister of state. Sanson has become known as the “father of French cartography,” and his influence is such that the sinusoidal projection that he used has become known as the “Sanson-Flamsteed projection,” recognizing the influence of Sanson (Flamsteed was English astronomer royal from 1675 to his death in 1719).

Pierre Mariette

Pierre Mariette was part of a long-established and highly successful family of engravers, book publishers and print sellers in Paris.

Condition Description

Some light brown marginal spotting, not affecting engraved area.


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