Pas-caart van de Oost zee verthoonende alle de ghelegntheydet tusschen t Eÿlandt Rugen end Wÿborg


Cartographer(s): Pieter Goos
Date: 1666
Place: Amsterdam
Dimensions: 44.5 x 55 cm (17.5 x 21.7 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Striking, original-color nautical chart of the Baltic Sea by Pieter Goos.


Explore this captivating sea chart of the Baltic Sea, published in 1666 and endowed with intricate details, vivid embellishments, and original outline coloring. Engraved by Gerard Coeck, this remarkable piece showcases Pieter Goos’ mastery of mapmaking. With its wealth of sea-faring information, including depth soundings, shoal locations, and named coastal towns, this chart offers valuable insights for sailors. The map spans from the coasts of Finland to Scandinavia, capturing the vast expanse of the Baltic Sea (including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Prussia, Denmark, and the Gulf of St Petersburg).

Pieter Goos, a prominent Dutch map and chart maker, made his mark in the field following the acquisition of the copperplates from the renowned guidebook for sailors, De Lichtende Columne ofte Zeespiegel. Together with his own maps, Goos published various editions of this influential work in multiple languages. His dedication to cartography culminated in the publication of his magnum opus, the De Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Weereld, in 1666. This was widely regarded as one of the finest sea atlases of its day and solidified Goos’ reputation as a leading figure in the field. It was only by the 1680s that Goos’ sea charts were gradually eclipsed by the up-and-coming Van Keulen dynasty of mapmakers.

During the heyday of Dutch cartography, Pieter Goos’ marine atlases earned considerable acclaim, often being included in the prestigious volumes of Blaeu’s Atlas Maior. The present Baltic Sea chart, adorned with figurative cartouches, compass roses, sailing ships, and vibrant coat-of-arms, exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail characteristic of Goos’ works. Immerse yourself in the beauty and historical significance of this captivating Baltic Sea chart by Pieter Goos. Discover the region’s maritime wonders as you delve into the intricate cartographic details meticulously captured on this magnificent chart.

Provenance: From the estate of Dr Peter Wallenberg (1926-2015).


Pieter Goos

Pieter Goos (1616–1675) was a Dutch cartographer, copperplate engraver, publisher and bookseller. He was the son of Abraham Goos (1590–1643), also a cartographer and map seller.

From 1666, Pieter Goos published a number of well produced atlases. He was the first to map Christmas Island, which he labelled “Mony” in his map of the East Indies, published in his 1666 Zee-Atlas (Sea Atlas). His Atlas ofte Water-Weereld (Atlas or Water World) has been cited as one of the best maritime atlases of its time.

Condition Description

Some spotting, dampstains to upper part. Nice paper.