1955 Ted Hubbard map of the Presidio of San Francisco.

Presidio of San Francisco. Established 1776 A.D.

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Date: 1955
Place: Oakland
Dimensions: 41 x 28 cm (16 x 11 in)
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This is an illustrated map of the Presidio of San Francisco, issued in 1955 by the Hubbard Advertising Agency. Following Ted Hubbard’s distinctive graphic style, the map mixes wit and research to paint a picture of one of the most peculiar neighborhoods in any American city.

The Presidio has seen significant changes since this map was drawn in 1955, a time when a major military presence was still stationed there. A notable example is Crissy Field, which the map shows was still an airfield at that time, complete with planes and helicopters. The Letterman Hospital is also found on the map; this has now been transformed into Lucasfilm.

Inset illustrations on the recto portray the Presidio Officer’s Open Mess and the Fort Scott Annex Presidio Officers’ Open Mess, both structures following the so-called ‘California mission style.’ The recto offers a detailed interior layout of the Presidio Open Mess, complete with drawings of figures themselves and historical facts.



OCLC Worldcat (#1331630795) lists only one institutional, at the California State Library in Sacramento.


Alva "Ted" Hubbard (Hubbard Advertising Agency)

Ted Hubbard (1899 — 1989) was born in Michigan in 1899. He spent much of his youth in Southern California, and attended the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in Political Science.

Hubbard’s work spans more than five decades, and consists mainly of hand-drawn pen & ink illustrations of Marin County, San Francisco, and Oakland. While there is no record of Ted ever receiving formal training in the graphic arts, his native ability and enthusiasm coupled with his lifelong love of news and illustration were major contributing factors in the development of his skills.

Some of Ted’s works were commissioned by Military and Parks Departments. Others were self-funded and focused on the Bay Area’s rapidly-growing local communities. Ted would sell advertising in his illustrations, then work with the local Chambers of Commerce to promote local businesses.

Condition Description

Half the map is age toned on the recto. Wear at folds.