Cartographer(s): Henricus Hondius
Date: ca. 1635
Place: Amsterdam
Dimensions: 48. 3 x 36.8 cm (19 x 14.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Rare English edition of the Mercator-Hondius map of Chile.


Rare English edition of the Mercator-Hondius map of central Chile, orientated with north to the left, from Copiapo south to the Isla de Chiloé and the City of Castro.

The map extends north to Mutantor and Puerto de Vetus and the R. de. Copayapo and locates at least 50 places, including Santiago de la Nueva Estremadura (Santiago), Baldivia, Osorno, Imperial, Ongol villa nueva de los Infantes, La Concepcion and L Serena. The Andes are shown prominently, with an unnamed lake and Mendoza and San Juan de la Frontera as the only plces named on the east side of the Lake. A title cartouche, compass rose, a large scale cartouches and a 5-point key on a scroll are all used to fill the empty space on the far side of the Andes. The sea has rhumb lines, two galleons, two sea monsters, another compass rose and a publisher’s cartouche.


Henricus Hondius

Henricus Hondius (1597-1651) was a Dutch engraver and cartographer and a member of a prominent family of mapmakers and publishers in Amsterdam. His father, Jodocus Hondius, an engraver and geographer, had purchased part of the estate after Gerhard Mercator. Henricus was instrumental in the first Hondius edition of Mercator’s 1595 atlas (1606). When the father died in 1612, the family business was passed on to him and his brother, Jodocus the Younger. They ran the firm together for nine more years until Henricus decided to venture out independently.

Family ties remained close, and in the early 1630s, Henricus joined forces with his brother-in-law (husband to his sister), the highly skilled engraver Johannes Jansonnius. Together, they recreate and expand the Mercator atlas to such an extent that its contents since have come to be classified as Mercator-Hondius-Janssonius maps. Henricus Hondius died in Amsterdam in 1651.

Condition Description

Various defects in the margins.