An unusual variant of James Ladd Delkin’s pictorial bird’s-eye-view of San Francisco.

All About San Francisco Illustrated. Know and Visit Unique Places located on keyed map of principal streets [with a] new map of Golden Gate Park

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Cartographer(s): James Ladd Delkin
Date: ca. 1939
Place: San Francisco
Dimensions: 58.5 x 34 cm (23 x 13.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG+
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This is a bird’s-eye-view of San Francisco with pictorial embellishments, drawn by James L. Delkin. Delkin seems to have produced variations of this map for an All About San Francisco series; perhaps the best known depicts war housing projects planned during World War II, along with illustrations of city scenes in red (see link in references).

The base map for our example is more elaborate and interesting, for example the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges are pictorially represented, as opposed to a simple lines on the other map. It also offers more place names and details within the city, along with more illustrations and pictographs throughout.

Our map was likely related to the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, as there are several references to it.

Sponsored by Chadwick Guide Systems, 700 Montgomery St, San Francisco.


Condition Description

Minor wear at folds. Red pencil marks added at some point by a previous owner.


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