Cartes Générale des Chemins de Fer et des Voies Navigables de La France

Cartographer(s): Napoléon Chaix
Date: 1861
Place: Paris
Dimensions: 89 x 67 cm (35 x 26.4 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Well-executed 1861 railroad map of France published under Napoleon III.


This railroad map of France with a large inset of the environs of Paris is characterized by a simple elegance. It was laid on linen and sectioned so that the traveler (or perhaps railway worker) could carry it as they went. It achieves its purpose with well-executed clarity, using light color shading, highlights, and simple black text that we can appreciate even today.

Railways lines extend into Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, including Geneva.


Napoléon Chaix

Napoléon Chaix (1807 – 1865) was a publisher based in Paris especially known for his railway maps.

Condition Description

Laid on contemporary linen. Some age-toning. A few expert repairs to the linen, visible on verso only.