[Title on Verso] Tabula Prima Aphricae Continent Mauritania Tingitanam, & Mauritaniam Caesariensem

Cartographer(s): Laurent Fries
Date: 1541
Place: Vienne
Dimensions: 45.8 x 28.2 cm (18 x 11.1 in)
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Colorful 1541 woodcut map of Morocco with old manuscript notations.


This fine Ptolemaic map is from the wood blocks of Laurent Fries, the famous physician, astrologer, and geographer. The map covers northwestern Africa showing the regions that would become Morocco and Algeria and including the Strait of Gibraltar, here called Fretum Herculen. The topography is dominated by large rivers, convoluted mountain ranges; the locations of ancient cities are noted.

Title is from the verso, which contains Latin text.

This edition was printed by Gaspar Treschel and edited by Michael Villanovus (known as Servetus). Servetus was charged with heresy by John Calvin in 1553, in part due to the text in this atlas. The courts found him guilty and sentenced him to burning at the stake, atop a pyre of his own books, including this atlas.


Laurent Fries

Laurent/Lorenz Fries (ca. 1485-1532): Born in Alsace circa 1490, Fries studied medicine and mathematics at a number of European universities. He was trained as a physician, but was also keenly interested in cartography and medical publications. From 1518-19 Fries is mainly based in Strasbourg from where he was commissioned to compile the first edition of Waldseemüller’s atlas after his death in 1520.

Condition Description

A clean and bright example on paper with a bunch of grapes watermark and a professionally repaired centerfold separation in top blank margin. There are some contemporary manuscript notations in the image.


Mickwitz & Miekkavaara #211-11.