Positions of the Upper and Lower Gold Mines on the South Fork of the American River, California.

Date: 1848
Place: Washington, D.C.
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1848 California gold mine map drawn by William T. Sherman


Early map of Califronia gold mines, covering Sacramento, the American River and its South Fork, Webers Creek, etc.

The map was actually drawn by William T. Sherman, then a young lieutenant, who assisted R.B. Mason.

The map was issued in U.S. House Ex. Doc. No. 1, 30th Congress, Second Session, accompanying the Report of Col. Richard B. Mason, published with President Polk’s Message to Congress of Dec. 5, 1848. Mason sent samples of gold along with his report, and there are numbers printed on the map which indicate where the various pieces came from.

Condition Description

Moderate foxing throughout.


Wheat, Gold Region, 51.