Totius Europae Littora Novissime Edita. Pascaert Vertoonende alle de See-Custen van Europa

Cartographer(s): Reiner & Joshua Ottens
Date: 1745
Place: Amsterdam
Dimensions: 90 x 49.5 cm (35 x 19.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Splendid 1745 portolan-style sea chart based on De Wit


One of the most decorative and fascinating nautical charts of the whole century, this beautiful Dutch map shows an area from Morocco to the Scandinavian island of Spitsbergen and Iceland, based upon an earlier work of the same title by De Wit, which in turn was based upon Blaeu’s 4-sheet chart of Europe and the Atlantic first published in 1621.

The map is oriented north to the right and adorned with several decorative crests, numerous rhumb lines, vignette depictions of elephants in North Africa and goats in Norway. Winged putti holding navigational instruments surround the title cartouche.

The inset map on the left shows the continuation of the Mediterranean.


Reiner & Joshua Ottens

Renier and Joshua Ottens were prominent Dutch booksellers and map publishers from about 1680 to 1790. Their father, Joachim, the founder of the firm, was initially employed as a copperplate engraver by Frederick de Wit. In 1711 Joachim founded his own firm. Though Joachim died only a few years later, Renier and Joshua took over the firm and presided over its most prolific period.

Condition Description

Even paper toning.