Greece Archipelago and part of Anadoli. By L.S. de la Rochette. MDCCXC. London, Published for Willm. Faden, Geographer to the King. January 1st. 1791

Cartographer(s): William Faden
Date: 1791
Place: London
Dimensions: 56.5 x 79 cm (22 x 31 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Large, detailed 1791 map of Greece and Asia Minor with striking cartouche.


Map Greece and the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Dalmatian coast, Constantinople, western Anatolia, Crete, parts of Albania, Macedonia and Romania.

Detailed and accurate, this map by the royal cartographer to King George III is enhanced with hand colors, which indicate cities, landforms, and watercourses.


William Faden

William Faden (1749 – 1836) was an English cartographer and a publisher of maps. He was the royal geographer to King George III, succeeding Thomas Jefferys in that role.

Condition Description

In good condition, apart from a few spots of use in the low west of Crete. Laid on contemporary linen.