Slovenija Jugoslavija.


Cartographer(s): Leon Koporc
Date: 1959
Place: Ljubljana
Dimensions: 66 x 44 cm (26 x 17.25 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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A vivacious 1950s pictorial map of Slovenia.


A wonderful 1959 pictorial map of Slovenia, designed by prominent local painter Leon Koporc. In 1959, Slovenia was not an independent country but rather one of the six socialist republics comprising the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which existed from after World War II until the early 1990s. Slovenia was bordered by Austria to the north, Italy to the west, the Yugoslav republic of Croatia to the south and southeast, and Hungary to the northeast. Major cities, such as Ljubljana (the capital), Maribor, Celje, and Koper, stand out prominently.

With charming illustrations, the map promotes tourism in Slovenia, highlighting the region’s natural beauty, people, culture, and cuisine. The Julian Alps, located to the north and northwest, are a significant feature, showcasing Triglav, the highest peak. In the southwest, we see the Karst plateau, known for its caves, including the renowned Postojna Cave. Major rivers like the Drava, Sava, and Soča are marked, along with Cerknica Lake, a unique karst phenomenon.


Leon Koporc

Leon Koporc (1926-2003) was an influential painter from Slovenia.

Condition Description

Some wear on fold lines.