[Statue of Liberty]

Cartographer(s): John Kabel
Date: ca. 1935
Place: New York City
Dimensions: 39 x 49 cm (15.25 x 19.25 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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The Statue of Liberty in Noir.


This is a wonderfully evocative original silver print photograph of the Statue of Liberty. It was captured by photographer John Kabel, likely in the 1930s.

Kabel has crafted a lovely image: the black and white photograph shows Liberty Island from a distance with a touch of sun peeking through the clouds and sparkling on the water below. The large format would look fabulous framed on placed on a wall.


John Kabel

John Kabel (1879-1945) was a photographer from Dayton, Ohio known especially for capturing outdoor landscapes and architecture.

Condition Description

Silver print on nice matte paper. Very good.