An impressive climatological map of Africa.

Philips’ Comparative Wall Atlas of Africa 3. Climate – May 1 – October 31.

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Date: ca. 1913
Place: London
Dimensions: 66.5 x 85 cm (26.25 x 33.5 in)
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An impressive wall map of Africa, prepared c. 1913 by J. F. Unstead and E. R. G. Taylor and published by the London Geographical Institute (a successor to George Philip & Son, which is also listed here). A climatological map, it highlights rainfall and wind patterns between the months of May and October.

Covering from southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Near East to the Cape of Good Hope, including Madagascar and an inset of the British Isles at bottom-right, this map displays the continent of Africa, shaded to reflect levels of mean rainfall in the given six-month period. The blue lines, known as isobars, reflect barometric pressure, which is provided in both inches and millibars. Red lines indicate the prevailing winds at various points on and around the continent of Africa. Geographical features such as rivers, lakes, plateaus, salt pans, and coastal bays and capes are indicated throughout.

This map was part of a series prepared c. 1913 by Unstead and Taylor, known collectively as Philips’ Comparative Wall Atlas of Africa, which may have been published in multiple editions. Some of the individual maps are independently cataloged at various institutions, but the present map is not one of them. It only appears as part of the entire collection (OCLC 316609880), held by Columbia University, Harvard University, and the National Library of Scotland.


George Philip & Son Ltd.

George Philip (1800–1882) was a cartographer, map publisher and founder of the publishing house George Philip & Son Ltd.

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Dissected and laid on linen with grommets installed at top corners. Some wear along fold lines.