Stanford’s Map of the United States and Part of the Dominion of Canada


Cartographer(s): Edward Stanford
Date: 1873
Place: London
Dimensions: 148 x 86 cm (58 x 34 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Stanford’s 1873 map of the U.S. with detailed geography of the West.


Hand-colored map, backed with linen and sectioned for folding, with original cloth slipcase with publisher’s paper label.

Presents the United States settling into its current-day configuration following the expansion brought on by the acquisitions from Mexico and the tumult of the Civil War. The northwest is still unfinished, the northern portion of Idaho split between Washington and Montana, and the Dakotas still joined, and a few other anomalies.

There is an inset of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

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Edward Stanford

Edward Stanford (1827-1904) was a prominent British cartographer and entrepreneur who founded Stanford’s, a map-selling business that became one of the most significant map publishing companies in the 19th and 20th centuries. Established in 1853, his London-based shop was renowned for its extensive range of topographic and thematic maps.

Stanford’s attention to detail and dedication to producing accurate, up-to-date maps made his firm the official map supplier to the British government during several notable expeditions. In addition to supplying explorers, the general public, and various institutions with reliable maps, Stanford’s legacy also includes the notable “Stanford’s Library Map of London and its Suburbs,” which was acclaimed for its precision. The brand he founded remains respected in the cartographic world and has also expanded into travel books and accessories.

Condition Description

Slipcase faded with some rubbing; map with ink smudge at right edge, near fine.