Carte Du Mexique Et Des Etats Unis d’Amerique, Partie Meridionale.


Date: 1783
Place: Paris
Dimensions: 77.5 x 54.5 (25.5 x 19 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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An Early Mention of the United States of America.


This is Jean André Dezauche’s 1783 map of Mexico and the United States of America, among the earliest French maps to name the new country and the first based off of Guillaume De l’Isle’s map of the same region (which long predated the American Republic) to do so.

Coastal states are seen extending westwards all the way to the Mississippi River. The boundaries of Texas (faint here), Florida, and other territories are also notable, as are notes on Native American tribes in the interior of the continent.


Jean André Dezauche The Dezauche Family

Jean-Claude Dezauche was a well-known Paris map publisher who set up his shop around 1770. The foundation for the business was his acquisition of the archives of Guillaume De l’Isle and Philipe Buache, two of the most highly-renowned royal French cartographers.

Among Dezauche’s many lucrative contracts was a monopoly on selling the maps produced by the national Dèpôt de la Marine. When his son, Jean André Dezauche, took over the family business upon his father’s death, he inherited this contract.

Condition Description

Soiling and repairs to areas of loss in the margins, especially at bottom.