Pre-Mexican-American War map of North America.

Amerique Septentrionale…

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Date: ca. 1836
Place: New York
Dimensions: 47 x 65 cm (18.5 x 25.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG
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This is a nice large-format map of North America, with the continent in its pre-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo configuration. The map delineates the limits of the Washington Treaty of 1819, also referred to as the Adams-Onis Treaty. The Adams-Onis Treaty was an agreement between the United States and Spain in which the latter ceded Florida and established a boundary west of the Mississippi that allowed the United States access to the Pacific. It established limits that would eventually help define Texas, Utah, Nevada, California, and Oregon.

The map offers a wealth of detail, including Russian America, the Mandan, Osage, Sioux, Huron and Ozark Districts, Northwest Territory, Arkansas Territory, Michigan Territory, and other early features.

Upper California includes a number of the great mythical rivers, stretching from the Great Salt Lake and other points well east of the Sierras. Gila is shown emptying into the Gulf of California. Nice detail in the Pacific Northwest. Single Cordillera Rocky Mountains, after Humboldt. Nice coastal detail on the West Coast.

Condition Description

Folding map which has been backed on archival linen with mended tears and wear along the edges. Very good.