A crisp and uncommon pictorial view of San Francisco, conveying an ideal of the city.

San Francisco California

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Cartographer(s): Steven Scott
Date: 1987
Place: San Francisco
Dimensions: 89 x 61 cm (35 x 24 in)
Condition Rating: VG+
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This pictorial bird’s-eye-view of San Francisco was sponsored by the San Francisco Small Business Network and produced in order to promote the city. It is large and bold and attractive, just as it was meant to be, conveying a gorgeous urban ideal — all of the glamor and none of the grit.

The map was published before the 1989 earthquake and thus the Embarcadero Freeway is still standing. Candlestick Park is still there as well, being the home of both the Giants and the 49ers.

The view was not intended to be a usable map of the city. Rather, it highlights major architectural styles and buildings, parks and neighborhoods.

A fascinating look at how much (or in some cases, how little) San Francisco has changed in the last 30 years.


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