Map of North America from the Latest Authorities

Cartographer(s): Joseph Hutchins Colton
Date: 1852
Place: New York
Dimensions: 53.5 x 57.5 cm (21 x 22.75 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Uncommon Colton map of North America with detailed gold region


Curious Colton map of North America, with detailed inset of the Gold Region (12 x 7.5 cm) and a large vignette of “Pyramid Lake, Upper California.” As Warren Heckrotte notes, “The United States portion of this map was used in 1849 (W-GR 70). There are substantial additions in the inset and additions and changes on the main map. There is no copyright notice. The spacing of fold lines suggests that the map came out of a book.”

More, from David Rumsey: “This map was also published in 1852 to accompany volume one of Richard Swainson Fisher’s The Book of The World, NY, J.H. Colton, two volumes, 8vo. It has the inset map of the gold regions, and the inset has been updated with many towns, etc. The main map has also been updated in the West, showing Utah, New Mexico, California, reduced Texas, etc. There is no inset map of South America as appears in the 1849 issue, and this map extends much further to the north to include most of Canada and about half of Alaska.”

OCLC/WorldCat lists only one example of this map, at Southern Methodist University.

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Joseph Hutchins Colton

Joseph Hutchins Colton (July 5, 1800 – July 29, 1893), known professionally as J.H. Colton, founded an American mapmaking company which was an international leader in the map publishing industry between 1831 and 1890.

Condition Description

Old folds, a few black ink marks next to entries in table of distances and a black ink line on map - seemingly indicating a route.