Colton’s 1849 U.S. with California gold region and extended borders of Texas.

Map of the United States of America, The British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies and Central America with part of New Granada and Venezuela

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Cartographer(s): Joseph Hutchins Colton
Date: 1849
Place: New York
Dimensions: 74 x 97 cm (29 x 38 in)
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The second 1849 issue of Colton’s important map, published at a time of evolving geographic knowledge and settlement, most notable in the gold region of California.

Warren Heckrotte describes this issue of the map, and its salient features, concisely: “On the map “Gold Region” lies just north of the American River. New Helvetia is only settlement in Central Valley and gold region. R. de Plumas is shown, but only one other short unnamed stub of a river in Sacramento Valley. Sonoma is spelled Zenoma. The Sacramento River and San Joaquin rivers have been moved east about 15-20 miles. Except for this the representation of California is close to that of the 1848 edition of the map. This is the second of three 1849 states of this map.”

A very nice example of this attractive map, with delicately engraved border vignettes including the Capitol (spelled Capital) Building in Washington, the Washington Monument, Mexicans Catching Wild Cattle, Willamette Falls in Oregon, Astoria in Oregon, etc. Sailing ships abound in the oceans, and there is an inset of the Atlantic Ocean. Among the features is a sliver of Texas extending far to the north, to the parallel of the California-Oregon border.

Further Notes from the Files of Warren Heckrotte:

Full title: Map of the United States of America, The British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies and Central America with part of New Granada and Venezuela New York. Published by J.H. Colton, No. 86 Cedar St. 1849 , [linear scales; about 100 miles = one inch] , Explanations — , Drawn By Geo. W. Colton. Engraved by John. M. Atwood. Border Desigd. & Engd. by W.S. Barnard New York , [inset : ] A Map of the Atlantic Ocean showing the American & European Ports and the Routes of the Atlantic Steamers , Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1848 by J.H. Colton in the Clerks Office of the Southern District of New York.

Provenance: John Howell-Books, 5/71
On verso of front cover name in ink of W.B. Dahlgren, and printed advertising label of J. Disturnel that shows the “World on an Equatorial Projection.”


Joseph Hutchins Colton

Joseph Hutchins Colton (July 5, 1800 – July 29, 1893), known professionally as J.H. Colton, founded an American mapmaking company which was an international leader in the map publishing industry between 1831 and 1890.

Condition Description

Folder with spine expertly replaced; map is fine or nearly so. Further information on dimensions: 74 x 97 cm (29 x 38 in) plus decorative grape-vine border which contains 12 views, overall (sheet size) 87 x 110 cm (34¼ x 43¼ in), backed with linen & sectioned for folding loose into embossed cloth covers lettered in gilt, 22.5 x 14.5 cm (9 x 5¾ in).


W-GR 74, 3rd 1849 state. Streeter 3873. Ristow, Maps for an Emerging Nation, p 23, and #54 for 1st edition, 1848.