Map of San Francisco, California

Cartographer(s): Matthews, Northrup & Co.
Date: 1891
Place: New York
Dimensions: 35 x 27 cm (13.75 x 10.6 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Late 19th century map of San Francisco with missing Marina street names


Handsome map of San Francisco before the 1906 earthquake. Includes a list of important buildings and institutions.

Many interesting features of late 19th century San Francisco are found on this elegant map, including: the cemeteries at Lone Mountain, the Southern Pacific Railroad lines arriving from the southern peninsula, the Alms House Tract (Laguna Honda hospital today), Spring Valley Water Company reservoir, and more.

A prominent ‘China Town’ is labeled.

Several spurious street names are shown in the Marina, including Tonguin and Lewis. These were planned to be on landfill but were never actually created; Tonguin street is instead Marina Boulevard and Lewis is Marina Green Drive.


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